Starting Skill Points
As per the class skill ranks per level x3.
All classes use the intelligence modifier in skill point calculation.

Barbarian = (4+int modifier) x3
Bard = (6+int modifier) x3
Cleric = (2+int modifier) x3
Druid = (4+int modifier) x3
Fighter = (2+int modifier) x3
Monk = (4+int modifier) x3
Paladin = (2+int modifier) x3
Ranger = (6+int modifier) x3
Rogue = (8+int modifier) x3
Sorcerer = (2+int modifier) x3
Wizard = (2+int modifier) x3

Maximum Ranks in a Skill
Max ranks in a class skill = character level +2
Max ranks in a non-class skill = character level

Favoured Skills
Each character may select up to three skills to be their favoured skills. Each favoured skill receives a +1 “miscellaneous” specialization bonus. Favoured skills do not have to be selected from the character’s class skills.

No Pathfinder Class Skill Bonuses
The bonus provided by having ranks in a class skill has been removed and replaced with ‘Favoured Skills’.

New Skills

Strategy (Wisdom skill)
Grants a circumstance bonus to specific actions given the appropriate preparation.

Metaphysics (Wisdom)
A class skill for alchemists. The skill of understanding the allegorical nature of reality. Alchemists use this skill to interpret the symbols they notice upon the Golden Path, helping them establish context and meaning in regards to their personal progress on the journey of self-transformation and enlightenment.

New Perception Skills
Search, Spot, Listen.
Those classes with Perception as a class skill now have Search, Spot & Listen as class skills.


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