Mana - Spontaneous Casting

All magical activity uses mana, whether that power be provided by mystic knowledge, the land, a deity or any other source. Rest, meditation, prayer, connection to sacred spaces and various other methods help replenish mana. All spellcasting uses a mana pool calculated from ‘spells castable per day’ rules. A spell of level 1 uses 1 mana, a divine prayer of level 3 uses 3 mana and so on.

Total Mana Pool
A character’s maximum mana pool is equal to the total levels of all spells the character can cast per day. e.g. 3x level 1 spells, 2x level 2 spells, 1x level 3 spell = 10 maximum mana.

Bonus Mana (replaces bonus spells)
Each time a character gains a new spell-casting class level, that character increases their maximum mana capacity by an amount equal to the appropriate ability modifier for that class.

Relevant Ability for Bonus Mana
Charisma = bard, oracle, paladin, sorcerer, summoner
Intelligence = alchemist, witch, wizard
Wisdom = cleric, druid, inquisitor, ranger

Mana - Spontaneous Casting

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