Planescape Language Guide

General racial languages are world specific e.g. Elven (Oerth), Common (Aebir-Toril).

Regional dialects are encouraged to add flavour e.g. Anuirean, Khinasi, Varisian etc.

Universal languages currently include; Celestial, Abyssal, Aquan (water), Auran (air), Draconic, Ignan (fire), Infernal, Planar Common, Sylvan, Terran (earth).

Characters with the Linguistics skill select one extra language to speak and read per rank. Refer to page 101 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook for more information.

In the Planeswalker campaign setting characters with the Linguistics skill may make a linguistics check at DC 12 to attempt to understand an unfamiliar dialect of a language they already know e.g. knowing Common (Krynn) allows an attempt to understand Common (Dominaria).


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