Wizard of Feymarch


Player: NPC
Gender: male
Age: 64
Alignment: neutral good


While Gallagher is not originally from Valedor he has made it his home and protects it with all his power. As a sage of draconic lore he is fascinated by the numerous ruins scattered throughout the lands. Once these lands were ruled by benevolent but complicated dragonborn who created pyramids to transform native manna into powerful spells and portals between worlds. According to Gallagher, these mostly lost ancient portals are governed by Archons capable of conjuring terrifying monsters anywhere within the circle of domain that radiates from the extra-dimensional gateway they are attuned to. The closest of these to Aleford are the ruins of Karnis, location of an abandoned dragonborn gateway controlled by an ancient shadow-demon known as the Exile. His summoned minions have begun to attack local settlements, including a savage manticore that has murdered many innocent villagers. Gallagher offers quests to members of the Adventurers Guild, and is often to be found in his tower in Aleford when not assisting the Countess in Foxwood. The wizard of Feymarch has an assistant called Chex, a mephling sorcerer in his own right and often confused with an imp. Gallagher works to secure the safety of his beloved kingdom of Valedor, and is particularly fond of ancient draconic lore & arcane relics.


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