Legends of Valedor

Session 7 - Impending Doom
Return of the Exile

Can the heroes find a lost legendary portal to escape their impending doom? If the secret of the lost gateway is not soon discovered then the heroes shall perish when the rogue planet known as the Exile collides with the world they find themselves trapped upon. Ham, Morvan, Seren & Kalissa explore the chamber inside the top of the black ziggurat. What is the significance of the smoking mirror amulet claimed from the fallen salamander high-priest?

Aleford Forest
A Chance Meeting

The otherworldly light shining down illuminates several figures awakening from their sleep upon the soft forest floor.

You recall feeling suddenly tired and falling into a deep sleep, and yet this seems perfectly real…

They tell you that usually people appear in the ruins, but you popped up so close that it’s as safe as anywhere.

You look between the trees and can see the Adventurers’ Guild-house on the edge of the town beyond the moat.


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