You find your way to the guild-house, headquarters of Valedor’s only adventurers guild. By invitation of Countess Foxdawn the guild-house is your home for as long as you serve in the defence of the realm. Aleford is on the frontier of a vast forest and hostile mountains to the east, it’s kingdom on friendly terms with various dwarven and sylvan communities. Local morality values agricultural and crafting skills, hard work & honesty. There is an unusually high level of virtue amongst all people of Valedor. To balance this out, the gods chose no champions for many years, and humans enjoyed a moment of peace in their long & bloody history. Yet now it seems great evil has once again begun to stir from the ancient ruins… draconic ruins, home to incredible monsters & arcane mysteries. The local militia has begun sending men to reinforce the army at Axefield, against the brutal forces of Fomorian warlord Venjis Bloodvile. The Sylvan Alliance represents the combined interests of all those who wish to live within their great forest together in peace. The archmage Gallagher, personal assistant of your benefactor the Countess, speaks to you of numerous urgent quests & many things which sound too strange to be true…

Legends of Valedor